prostate testing

Lab Testing

LAB Tests Available:
Other Tests:
  • Urine Analysis – In office
  • Bladder Scan – In office
  • PCA 3 – Sample taken in office and sent to lab in USA for analysis
  • 24 hr urine Stone risk tests – kits provided, sample taken at home and sent to lab in USA
  • Uroflow – done in office
  • ECG
  • CMG Urodynamics

Transrectal Ultrasound & Biopsy and Cystoscopy are done in office every Wednesday by Dr. Emtage with the assistance of a nurse. Both are done under general anaesthesia.

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No Scalpel Vasectomy
no scalpel vasectomy
Out-Of-Town Patients
Dr. Emtage regularly sees out-of-town patients. There are several hotels and guest homes that provide luxurious accommodations near our practice.
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